Strength Source Project Portraits

In June of 2017 I started working on the Strength Source Project :

I interview women from a range of age groups, races, and cultural backgrounds and I ask them all the same question. I ask them to tell me about something that they have done in the past or something that they do now that makes them feel or made them feel strong inside. When I ask them this question, I also take their portrait. What I find so amazing and compelling about the project is that while I have received a wide range of answers from these women, who are sometimes friends, neighbors, relatives, and total strangers to me — there is always some level of connection. There is always something within their answers that I relate to on a personal level – and I find this to be both comforting and inspiring. We are so very unique and yet also very much alike. My hope is that the project will be shared widely and will inspire many women, reminding them of our shared strength and also reminding them that they are never alone.

To read what the women of the Strength Source Project have to say, please visit the site – or follow on Facebook or Instagram under “strengthsourceproject”.




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