Freedom Series Three

These images were a part of my thesis exhibition which was titled “Making Birds Fly With my Hands and Other Acts of Theatrical Symbolization”. I came to view much of my past work as symbolic representations of my desire to free my mind. I think that many artists, whether they be writers, musicians, or visual artists, are trying to free their minds of past hurts. Making art or music is one way of “getting it out” of your mind – a way of confronting whatever haunts you. I have always been drawn to symbolic representations of freedom such as birds in flight. I took the symbolic gesture of flight and the theatrical act of performing in front of a camera and created a series of images using my hands and various props. I view the images as something along the lines of sophisticated, symbolic shadow puppetry. All of the photographs were shot on a homemade medium format pinhole camera. None of the visual effects were achieved digitally – what you see is the result of lengthy exposures and plays of light.




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